Buyer Reading

Shipping Policy
All sex dolls  are free and discreet shipping worldwide . Before shipping, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to check the quality of each doll, and ensure that its packaging has good privacy protection and logistics. you can rest assured to buy!

However, due to import laws and regulations and certain restrictions, we will not ship to the following destinations: Islamic countries, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil or Mexico.(If you need that we can send our realistic sex dolls to the areas like Puerto Rico, Hawaii,  Alaska based on charging $500 for shipping fees, please contact us for more details.)

Returns Policy

We have many years of good factory reputation and quality assurance. We promise that all sex dolls can provide one-year with free maintenance service. (Note: The buyer needs to bear the return shipping fee) If you buy sex dolls, it will not be returned after placing an order, unless it is the quality of the product.

  • Due to the particularity of sex dolls that the unit price is higher and private items are customized,considering safety and hygiene.Due to a series of factors such as sex, our store strongly recommends that you and express delivery face-to-face acceptance its.
  • If the outer packaging is found to be damaged, please reject it immediately.You must immediately contact the freight terminal for further instructions, or call the shipping company’s customer service center for help.there is no product quality problem by default when you receipt it.
  • If you find that the sex doll is damaged or the product not your purchased, please take a photo and contact our customer service within 3 days. We will verify and give a reasonable solution based on your feedback as soon as possible.
  • Since some onliene sex dolls are custom-made after placing an order, they are belong unique design products.We do not support unreasonable returns and exchanges, and we support 1 year warranty for quality problems after receipt.

Refund Policy

  1. For orders that have not been confirmed after payment, if you apply to cancel the order and request a refund within 6 hours after payment, a full refund can be made within 5 days.
  2. For orders that have been paid for more than 6 hours,, if you request to cancel the order and request a refund, a 20% handling fee will be deducted.
  3. For order the packages has been opened,we do not accept returns of opened items. 
  4. For order for the packages on passage,buyers have to bear the shipping costs themselves.


  1. Avoid sharing your love dolls with other people, to prevent spreading of diseases.
  2. Pay attention to clean vagina, anus and mouth after using.
  3. We strongly recommend the use of water-based lubricant when you have sexual intercourse with your love doll.
  4. Avoid leaving your dolls limbs up or open for long periods of time. The stress placed on the TPE could cause tearing.Always keep your love doll with arms to her sides and legs closed.
  5. Avoid your love doll exposure to the sun for a long time as easy to cause TPE skin injury.
  6. Avoid bathrooms/ garages or other storage areas that can become damp or prone to mold.

Cleaing Guide

  1. Using antibacterial soap to clean vagina, anus and mouth for your love doll (Dolls should be cleaned monthly)
  2. Remove the wig and clean this separately that wash with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Allow the wig dry, then comb softly.
  3. Use a soft towel to gently dry after cleaning.
  4. Allowed to air dry thoroughly.Do not use a hair dryer or other source of hot air to dry your doll.Lightly dust your doll with Baby Powder after cleaning.
  5. Lightly dust your doll with Baby Powder after cleaning.( recommend you hydrate your doll with mineral baby oil every month to maintain the TPE)
  6. Take care when lifting your doll that it can be quite heavy.